lundi 10 avril 2017


Before leaving,we wanted to thank our Swedish friends for their welcome since 3 years. Unfortunately it arrived just after the big attack in Sthlm, with 4 dead and 20 injured. But all the people in the town had the feeling of the most important: Friendship.

 Cybèle was decorated with the Celtic flag on top, and 14 flags of the countries visited .


 A small part of our friends, I apologize for the others who were inside or out of the camera.

Thank you very much for your hospitality, your helps, your friendship.For us, meeting other peoples is  the most interresting thing onto our trip , more than all the beauties we see everywhere.

Soon we will leave Sthlm, with regrets but with a lot of nice memories. 
Show must go on!

And we will keep the thought of the botanist Carl Linné (1741) shown in Upssala

Omnia Mirare, etiam Tritissima
I like the english translation even if not exact:
Be curious  and fascinated by everything.

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