mardi 30 août 2016

Bug Navionics

Pendant que nous parlons cartographie, J'ai constaté, comme vous peut-ètre, un gros bug chez Navionics pour les cartes Europe HD et Danemark HD: une erreur d'affichage. Voici l'échange avec le SAV Navionics
Sent: 28/08/2016 16.32
Subject: Problem of display at low scale
I have a problem with my electronic maps EuropeHD and Denmark HD,not for GB &Holland HD.
A big square with coordinates approx:
56°42'6N and 65°15'8 N
18°39'07E and 01°18 E
Is not displayed in lower scale, although it is OK at big scales,with all the details.Same in the 2 charts, and not in GB (which is not on the limits)
My version 9.0.4, Geocore 01.68.1-03.05 bought in April 2016
It appeared not in the beginning, but after an update of Botnia.
A friend of me has exactly the same problem.For the moment I sail in Botnia, but I will come back to Stockholm in one month.
Can you solve this problem?
Kind regards
François Dupuis on S/Y Cybele 17.

et leur réponse (rapide!)

Dear François Dupuis, 
The problem was also found by our technicians and what you are experiencing is due to a software (sw) issue.
First of all, our apologies for having not provided the solution of the problem with an update but the bug has been escalated to our SW Development teams that have moved it in their backlog for the fixing.
We'll keep you informed by e-mail as the issue will be solved and a new version will be released on market.
Thanks you again for your report and for your cooperation.

Best regards,

Gian Luca Polvani
Navionics Technical Support Team 

cette erreur ne concerne pas la carto UK-Holland, qui est en dehors de ce carré aveugle.Et heureusement pas à petite échelle, qui est toujours précise.

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